List of Directors and their Role and Function


The members of the board of Directors (“Board”) of Emperor Capital Group Limited are set out below :

    Executive Directors

  • Ms. Daisy Yeung (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Mr. Chan Shek Wah
  • Ms. Choi Suk Hing, Louisa
  • Ms. Pearl Chan

    Independent Non-executive Directors

  • Mr. Chu Kar Wing
  • Mr. Poon Yan Wai
  • Ms. Wan Choi Ha


There are 5 Board committees. The table below provides membership information of these committees on which the Board members serves.

DirectorBoard Committee
Audit CommitteeRemuneration CommitteeNomination CommitteeCorporate Governance CommitteeExecutive Committe
Ms. Daisy Yeung   M M   C
Mr. Chan Shek Wah         M
Ms. Choi Suk Hing, Louisa       C M
Ms. Pearl Chan         M
Mr. Chu Kar Wing M C M    
Mr. Poon Yan Wai C M   M  
Ms. Wan Choi Ha M   C M  


List of Directors - Biography
C Chairman / Chairperson
M Member


Hong Kong, 24 July 2015