Thanksgiving Holiday Trading Schedule

Dear Valued Client,

During Thanksgiving Holiday, trading schedule of CME and ICE require special attention:

On 27 Nov 13 (Wed):
CME Group-GLOBEX: eGrains eve session closed, pre-open from 2:30-4pm
for Fri (GTC/GTD);
ICE: Softs eve session closed.

On 28 Nov 13 (Thu):
CME Group-Floor and NYMEX(Energies)/COMEX(Metals)-Floor: Closed
CME Group-GLOBEX: eGrains closed; eEquities halts at 10:30am,
resumes trading at 5pm; eFX halts at 12pm, resumes at 5pm
NYMEX/COMEX-GLOBEX halts at 12:15pm, resumes at 5pm
ICE: Financials day session closes at 12pm, eve session normal;
Softs closed

On 29 Nov 13 (Fri):
CME Group-Floor: Grains and FX closes at 12pm; Equities/Stock Index close at 12:15pm CME Group-GLOBEX: eGrains opens at 8:30am, closes at 12pm;
eEquities and eFX close at 12:15pm
NYMEX(Energies)-Floor: closes at 11:30am
COMEX(Metals)-Floor: closes at 12:30pm
NYMEX/COMEX-GLOBEX closes at 12:45pm;
ICE: Financials close at 12pm; Cotton opens at 7am, closes at 12pm

* All Times above are Chicago Date and Time

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