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Information on Fraud Prevention

Emperor Capital Group places a lot of emphasis on protection against fraud. As a result, we have implemented a series of measures to protect our customers. Once you discover any suspicious transactions or find any irregularities in your account, or suspect that your account may be a victim of fraud, please call our customer service hotline at (852) 2836 2288. 

Please note that we will only obtain your personal information via the designated communication channels and will never ask you for passwords on other occasions. To protect your interests, we recommend that you (i) keep your password at a safe place and change it on a regular basis; (ii) ensure that the website you visit is the Group’s corporate website; and (iii) verify in advance the identity of the person or organization requesting the relevant information from you. When in doubt, do not disclose any information and immediately report this to our hotline. 

If you have any questions, please call Emperor Financial Capital Group’s customer service hotline at (852) 2836 2288. 

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