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Notes for Online Security

Dear Client, 

Notes for Online Security 

In view of the recent cases reported by certain financial institutions involving online security issues, Emperor Capital Group wishes to alert our clients about online security and to recommend clients to take the following precautionary measures: 

Major Safety Tips on Using Internet Trading Services 

a. Login Passwords

Set a password that is difficult to guess and different from the ones for other services. The login password should be changed regularly and should never be stored on computers, mobile phones or placed in plain sight. Do not disclose your passwords to anyone or allow anyone (including our staff or Account Executive) to use your password. 

b. Computers and mobile phones

Protect your computer and mobile phone for logging into your internet trading. Avoid using public computers or public Wi-Fi to access internet trading services. 

c. Emperor websites and Apps 

Internet trading services should be accessed by entering Emperor’s website address directly, or using a bookmark or an internet trading mobile application (App). Never access your Emperor’s website or provide your personal information (including your password) through any hyperlinks or attachments embedded in emails or from websites. 

d. Login process 

Beware of any unusual login screen or process (e.g. a suspicious pop-up window or request for providing additional personal information) and whether anyone is trying to peek at your password. Log out immediately after use. 

e. Review account transactions 

Check your account balance, transaction records and statement(s) of account regularly. Notify your designated Account Executive or our Investment & Customer Services Department at telephone (852) 2919 2919 immediately if you discover any errors or unauthorized transactions. 


Major Tips On Protection Of Your Computers And Mobile Phones 

a. Passwords 

Set difficult-to-guess passwords for your computer and mobile phone and activate the auto-lock function, and change password regularly. 

b. Secure systems and software 

Use the latest versions of operating system, internet trading App and browser. Do not jailbreak or root your mobile phone or tablet. 

c. Beware of computer viruses 

Install and update promptly your security software. Do not download or open doubtful files, browse suspicious websites, or click on the hyperlinks and attachments in questionable sources (e.g. emails, instant messaging, SMS messages, QR codes). Download and upgrade your Apps from official App Stores or reliable sources only. 

d. Network functions 

Disable any wireless network functions (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC) not in use. Choose encrypted networks when using Wi-Fi and remove any unnecessary Wi-Fi connection settings. 

For and on behalf of Emperor Securities Limited and Emperor Futures Limited. 

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