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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

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Corporate Finance Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Services

Our elite team of experienced corporate finance professionals is committed to helping you achieve your business objectives. Leveraging our expert knowledge and innovative analysis to work seamlessly with your team, we design comprehensive financing solutions with unparalleled service level.

Hong Kong Listing
As an international financial centre, Hong Kong enjoys free flow of funding, a sound legal system, a world-class market regulatory infrastructure and easy access to convenient refinancing solutions. These are some the features that have been attracting companies to seek Hong Kong listings for decades.

Mergers and Acquisitions
An Acquisition occurs when one business buys the stock or assets of another business for cash or securities, while a Merger refers to the combination of two or more enterprises into a new entity.

A spin-off is a type of corporate restructuring whereby a parent company separates its businesses or operations into one or more subsidiaries.

Project Investment
This involves long-term investment on new developments, expansion or restructuring projects targeting a specific industry such as construction, infrastructure, or energy. The larger the investment amount and risks, the longer time involved, therefore low liquidity are common features of these projects.

Asset Sale
As market conditions or its business environment change, a company may decide to sell part of its current operations or projects that it views as no longer core to its future business.

Corporate Restructuring
Enterprise re-organization is the process of rearranging, integrating or realigning a company’s assets, liabilities, strategy and management structure to improve its performance and enhance its competitiveness.

Issuance, Placement and Underwriting of Shares and Bonds
The issuance of securities is a process whereby a company sell securities (such as stocks, bonds, etc.) featuring certain rights to raise funds from investors. A placement refers to the allocation of a certain percentage of new shares to investors that have agreed to subscribe to such placement in accordance with the terms and conditions – including pricing – of the placement according to the market value of the listed and tradable securities they hold. Underwriting is a process through which an underwriter – generally a financial institution – agrees to buy all or part of the securities issued by the issuer so as to reduce the risk of the issuance.

Marketing and Distribution
Following a listing hearing with the regulator, the IPO sponsor will receive a letter stating the opinion of the Listing Committee and the conditions to be fulfilled for the listing to be approved. Once a listing application has been approved or approved in principle, a company can begin the “Pre-Roadshow” (also known as “Investor Education”) stage during which the financial institutions supporting the listing (the “syndicate members”) are required to produce their own independent pre-deal research reports. It’s important to note that pre-transaction research is not considered as promoting the company or the issue as such reports must be prepared independently of the listing applicant and represent the independent views of the research analysts covering the issue. The circulation of pre-trade research reports is subject to strict compliance with relevant local securities laws and the internal compliance guidelines of the syndicate members.

How Emperor Securities Make a Difference

As of December 31, 2021, we have led over 100 projects and have been actively engaged in a wide range of corporate transactions and listing projects, including:


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