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Items of note

  • Emperor Securities Limited and Emperor Futures Limited ("Emperor") will not accept any third party fund deposits and withdrawals. 
  • If there is any third party deposit found, Emperor shall reserve the rights to obtain additional documents / information in verifying the depositor’s identity. If client fails to provide the relevant documents / information or such provided documents/information are not accepted by Emperor by any reason, Emperor will refund the deposit. In any case, Client shall bear the incurred bank charges and the associated risks, include but not limited to any interests, charges, expenses, claims, losses, costs and damages arising from the rejected fund deposits on a timely basis.
  • Please note that all deposit will only be deposited to Client’s account for trading after passed the Emperor’s compliance checking process as well as complying with relevant AML regulations. Due to the control enhancement in verification process, the time required for crediting fund to client’s account(s) will be lengthened. If client want to return the deposited fund during the checking process, please contact your designated Account Manager or Customer Service Department (852) 2919 2919.
  • Client should not pass monies to any third party (including Account Manager or staff) for fund deposit on your behalf. If there is any suspicious transaction, Emperor has the right to refuse any suspicious deposit and may report to regulatory bodies. Emperor reserves the right to make the final decision on the above arrangement. 

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