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Money Market Fund

Money Market Fund

Optimizing Short-Term Cash Management by Flexible Realization

Money Market Fund Money Market Fund

Why invest in a money market fund?

Stable Returns: Achieve stable returns with an annualized yield of up to 5.7%1.
High Liquidity, Low Investment Risk: Managed with liquidity management strategies, investing in high-quality and short-term debt instruments to provide sufficient liquidity while reducing credit and duration risks.
Low Investment Threshold: The minimum subscription amount for the fund is HKD1,0002 or USD13
Low Management Fee: One of the funds with the lowest management fee rates among similar money market funds.
Flexible Redemption: Enjoy the flexibility of instant redemption, with funds credited as quickly as the same day.


The following Money Market Funds (MMFs) are available for subscription:

ChinaAMC Select Money Market Fund E Fund (HK) Hong Kong Dollar Money Market Fund
ChinaAMC Select USD Money Market Fund
E Fund (HK) US Dollar Money Market Fund
ChinaAMC RMB Money Market ETF (Unlisted Class)


Subscription and Redemption Time:

Subscription Order: Before 15:30 on T-1 day
Fund Deduction: Before 12:00 on T-day
Redemption Order: Before 10:00 on T-day
Redemption Fund Deposit No later than T+1


1As of November 22, 2023, fund overview sourced from webpage [ChinaAMC Select Money Market Fund – Class A HKD].

2As of November 22, 2023, fund overview sourced from webpage [ChinaAMC Select USD Money Market Fund – Class B USD].

3As of November 9, 2023, the 5.7% refers to the 7-day average annualized return of the US Dollar Money Market Fund. Please note that this data is calculated based on the average annualized returns of the fund over the past seven days and does not represent the actual annual returns. It is calculated using a seven-day (seven calendar days) period by annualizing the changes in NAV. Historical returns are for reference only, and past performance does not guarantee future results.

- This document is provided for reference purposes only and does not constitute any distribution, summary, recommendation, offer for sale, or solicitation to buy any product, nor does it constitute a commitment to any transaction.

- Before making investment choices or investments, you must assess your personal risk tolerance and financial situation. Please note that a particular component fund may not be suitable for you. If you have any doubts about whether a particular component fund is suitable for you (including whether it aligns with your investment objectives), please consult with financial and/or professional advisors and make the investment decision that best suits your personal circumstances.

- You should refer to the sales and product documentation of ChinaAMC Select Money Market Fund and not make investment decisions solely based on the information in this document.

- You may incur significant losses. All investments involve risks (including the potential loss of investment capital), and the unit price of a fund can rise or fall. Past performance presented is not indicative of future performance. Before making any investment decisions, you should carefully read the sales materials for the investment product. For details, including product features and the risks involved, please refer to the sales and product documentation of ChinaAMC Select Money Market Fund.

- Important: If you have any questions about the implications of or the impact caused by the contents of the sales and product documentation of ChinaAMC Select Money Market Fund, please consult independent professionals.

- When the income generated by the fund is insufficient to cover the announced distribution, the manager has the right to determine, at its discretion, that the distribution may be paid from capital (including realized and unrealized capital gains). You should note that paying distributions from capital represents a return or withdrawal of a portion of the amount originally invested in the fund or any capital appreciation attributable to that investment. Any distribution by the fund may result in an immediate decrease in the net asset value per unit. Additionally, positive distribution returns do not represent a positive return on total investment.

- The fund may indirectly invest in China and/or overseas markets, which involves certain risks and specific considerations not typically found in developed economies or markets, such as greater political, tax, economic, foreign exchange, liquidity, legal, and regulatory risks.

- The fund may indirectly invest in the securities market in mainland China through Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (RQFII) funds, which may expose it to Renminbi currency risk, RQFII regime risk, A-share market risk, RQFII trading of exchange-traded funds risk, and Chinese tax risks.


Important note: ChinaAMC Select Money Market Fund is a sub-fund of ChinaAMC Select Funds. According to the Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds Code issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, the sub-fund has not been authorized for public offering as a money market fund. The investment instruments of the sub-fund, the weighted average maturity and effective maturity of the sub-fund's portfolio, the remaining maturity of the investment instruments of the sub-fund, and the proportion of the total assets invested by the sub-fund in sales and repurchase transactions do not comply with the limits applicable to Hong Kong money market funds. The sub-fund may be more negatively affected by events related to changes in interest rates and may entail higher credit risk, counterparty risk, interest rate risk, volatility, and liquidity risk.

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