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Brand-new Mobile Trading Platform "eGOi"


For over twenty years, Emperor Capital has been a prominent player in the financial industry in Hong Kong, committed to providing comprehensive investment services to local investors. As online investment applications become increasingly popular, investors are adapting to fulfilling their investment needs through digital platforms. While Emperor Capital continues to uphold the traditional investment service experience, we have also introduced a new all-in-one investment application "eGOi" for our clients.

eGOi puts user experience at the forefront by providing a simple and intuitive interface. It features a high-speed trading system that allows seamless trading and simultaneous access to stock information without the need to switch screens. With "eGOi," you can constantly monitor market trends and seize the best entry points with just a few taps. Aim for your targets and place orders swiftly. Invest with Your Eagle Eye.


Free Download and Registration, Online Account Opening

The eGOi offers free quotes and watchlist features for tracking the stock market. Once users open an Emperor Capital account, they can unlock additional features within the app, including stock trading and subscribing to new stocks. Experience a seamless online trading process and manage your investment portfolio anytime, anywhere.

A Multi-Faceted view of the Hong Kong Stock Market

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current situation in the Hong Kong stock market. With our market interface, you can instantly access real-time information on stock turnover, industry fund flows, short selling data, sector performance, and individual stock rankings. Stay connected to the market at all times and closely monitor the performance of the overall market.

Place orders with ”The Goldfinger” function

Looking to seize investment opportunities quickly? With the eGOi, simply grasp opportunities and effortlessly place your trades with just one click. Execute stock transactions swiftly and efficiently. In addition to the quote trading interface, users can also access a ladder-style order book with 10 levels, allowing you to input orders instantly by clicking on the price, enabling you to respond rapidly to market fluctuations.

Easy and Convenient Funds Deposit using eDDA

Once customers link their bank account for the first time, they can deposit funds instantly anytime, anywhere, with the fastest processing time of just one minute! Say goodbye to cumbersome procedures and the need to submit deposit proofs. Enhance your investment efficiency and stay ahead of the game. With Emperor Capital's eDDA deposit service, we support over 40 major banks, ensuring there's always one that suits your needs.

Simulated Trading

Upon completing the app registration, users can activate the simulated trading feature. This allows customers to experience the eGOi trading interface and portfolio holdings function without the need to open a securities account or make any deposits.

Chart analysis

eGOi incorporates the TradingView charting feature, providing users with charts across different timeframes to comprehensively analyze stock trends. TradingView is a charting platform designed for traders and investors. It offers advanced charting tools and provides a space for market-driven individuals to track important events in the economic calendar, chat, and draw charts, allowing you to be well-prepared for trading.


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