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At least 15-min delayed quote, last updated: Information provided by: etnet 經濟通

HK and Global Futures

SP Trader

Customers can use the streaming futures quotation service to find out the spot price through this online trading platform, which is totally free of charge. The online trading platform also provides sophisticated functions to help clients to practice different personalized investment strategies.

Please kindly refer the following procedures to install and operate our sophisticated trading platform.

SP Trader

Real-time Streaming Quotation Charges

SP Trader
ICE US Futures: US$ 110 / month
ICE EU Futures: US$ 125 / month


  • Charges is in calendar month, e.g. 1-Jan-2020 to 31-Jan-2020
  • Client can receive delayed quote (delayed at least 15 minutes) for ICE products if real time market data is not subscribed. The floating profit or loss as well as the buying power shown will be calculated using the delayed quote. Meanwhile the trading system will use the market price to calculate if there is enough buying power during order placement.
  • In order to subscribe real time market data, client please completes both application form and ICE Subscriber Agreement and return them to Emperor Futures Limited. The service will be activated on the next trading day once the forms are received.
  • Real time market data fee is charged on a monthly basis. Cancellation of the service during the month will not be granted any refund.
  • Real time market data fee for first-time subscription will be deducted from client’s account at the Hong Kong last trading day of that month. To cancel the service, client has to notify Emperor Futures Limited before the end of month, otherwise system will debit the monthly fee for next month on the Hong Kong last trading date of the month.
  • The fee scheme is provided and is subject to change by ICE at any time, without prior notice to subscriber.
  • From the last trading day of last month in HK market, to the second last trading day of this month in HK market, if the commission accumulated in US futures market exceeds the following amount:
    a. USD 500, next month real time market data for ICE Futures US or ICE Futures Europe is reduced to USD 55
    b. USD 1,000, next month real time market data for ICE Futures US or ICE Futures Europe is free of charge (By default it will be ICE Futures US. Please contact ICS department in order to change the default to ICE Futures Europe)
    c. USD 2,000, next month real time market data for ICE Futures US and ICE Futures Europe are free of charge.

Login Platform
After the installation, please launch the SP Trader by clicking the icon on your desktop and login the platform with the following information.

Host Please insert
User ID Please insert your client ID
Password Please refer to the password in the account opening email

System Requirement

CPU Pentium III 800 MHz or above
RAM 1GB or above
Harddisc Space 2GB or above
OS Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 /8 (32 bit/64 bit)
[Not support Win RT]
Resolution 1024x768 or above
Monitor 19 inches or above
Network Connection 2MBps or above
Firewall / Proxy Setting (if applicable) Open outgoing TCP port 8080 to 8089 (Recommended)

Note: After the initial login of the platform, the password should be changed. The new password should contain at least 8 digitals and contain both English letter and number. Although the password will be changed, the initial password above will always be your phone-dealing password for placing order for overseas futures. Please keep it carefully.

Futures Demo Account Application

Our company is delighted to provide Demo Futures Trading Platform ("Demo Platform*") without any charge to any investor who is interested in. Investors can virtually participate throughout these main global futures market such as Hong Kong Futures Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and Inter-Continental Exchange (ICE). Wide range of futures can be traded through our Demo Platform, such as Corn, Crude Oil, Raw Sugar, Copper and FX Futures, etc, in order to improve the trading experience and product knowledge of investors. 

The quota of demo account is limited. To apply a demo account, please send your name, contact phone number and e-mail address to our Customer Services Department through For any enquiry, please also feel free to contact our Customer Services Department at (852) 2919 2919. 

*Each demo account is valid for 14 days. 

SP Trader Pro HD

With providing real-time quotes, SP Trader Pro HD is a user-friendly futures trading app, which you can grasp each golden investment opportunity anytime, anywhere. 

Search for "SPTrader Pro HD" in Google Play/App Store or "SPTrader Pro HD+" on iPad to experience the advanced trading service. 

SP Trader Pro HD
Android iOS APK
Download Download Download

System Requirement

Android iPhone / iPAD

- Support Android 4.0.3 to 7.0
- Support INTEL / ARM CPU
- Support Android tablets

Support iOS 8 or above,

especially suitable for users who are currently using iOS 9.0 or above


  • This application requires internet connection, and data transfer via mobile device. Data transfer charges may apply to mobile network service operators or the service plan, please check with your service operators for more details.
  • If your mobile internet service is not an unlimited data plan, or you are in overseas and need to use the roaming mobile data service, we strongly recommend logging out the system completely by clicking "Sign out", to avoid unnecessary data traffic.
  • This application can only be used on some smartphones and tablets, and the display will be different depends on the model. Sharp Point Limited does not guarantee compatibility with all smartphones and tablets.

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