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SP Trader 

Customers can use the streaming futures quotation service to find out the spot price through this online trading platform, which is totally free of charge. The online trading platform also provides sophisticated functions to help clients to practice different personalized investment strategies. 

Please kindly refer the following procedures to install and operate our sophisticated trading platform. 

SP Trader 



Login Platform 

After the installation, please launch the SP Trader by clicking the icon on your desktop and login the platform with the following information. 


Please insert or “” 

User ID 

Please insert your client ID 


Please refer to the password in the account opening email 

Download Stock Options User Menu 

SP Trader Pro HD 

With providing real-time quotes, SP Trader Pro HD is a user-friendly futures trading app, which you can grasp each golden investment opportunity anytime, anywhere. 

SP Trader Pro HD 








System Requirement 


iPhone / iPAD 

  • Support Android 4.0.3 to 7.0  
  • Support INTEL / ARM CPU. 
  • Support Android tablets 

Support iOS 8 or above,  especially suitable for users  
who are currently using iOS 9.0 or above 



  • This application requires internet connection, and data transfer via mobile device. Data transfer charges may apply to mobile network service operators or the service plan, please check with your service operators for more details. 
  • If your mobile internet service is not an unlimited data plan, or you are in overseas and need to use the roaming mobile data service, we strongly recommend logging out the system completely by clicking “Sign out”, to avoid unnecessary data traffic. 
  • This application can only be used on some smartphones and tablets, and the display will be different depends on the model. Sharp Point Limited does not guarantee compatibility with all smartphones and tablets. 

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